Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hard Boiled Update 8-26-09

Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground & Nico LP Reissue on 4 Men With Beards

Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground LP Reissue on 4 Men With Beards.

Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot - Bonnie & Clyde LP Reissue on 4 Men With Beards.

V/a - Sound Of Wonder CD Compilation on Pakistani soundtracks.

Andy Votel - A Twisted Nerve Mix CD Compilation mix by label honcho.

Soft Machine - Vol. 2 LP

Martin Von Oswald - Vertical CD On Honest Jon's Records.

V/a - Total 10 2xCD New comp on Kompakt Records.

24 Carat Black - Gone: The Promise of Yesterday CD/LP On Numero Group.

David Daniell & Doug McCombs - Sycamore CD On Thrill Jockey. Doug is a member of Tortoise and 11th Dream Day and David is a member of San Augustin.

Kurt Vile - Constant Hitmaker LP On Woodsist Records. New record on Matador Records this fall.

Meth Teeth - Everything LP On Woodsist Records.

V/a - Locked Groove: RRR 1000 LP 1000 locked grooves by 20 artists. On RRR records.

Galactic Zoo Dosier #8 - New issue of local zine with cd.

Axemen - Scary! Part 3 LP On Siltbreeze.

Blues Control - Local Flavor CD On Siltbreeze.

Tortoise - BOA Remixes 12" Remixes by Eye from the Boredoms and a member of Rhythm & Sound.

Faust - So Far 2xLP Essential Krautrock album. Reissue on 4 Men With Beards.

Pan Sonic/ Keiji Haino - Shall I CD

Mika Vainio - Aineen Musta CD On Touch Records. Member of Pan Sonic.

Philip Jeck - Spool CASS Very limited cassette only release by experimental turntablist.

Clark - Totems Flare CD/LP On Warp.

I also bought a bunch of Bollywood soundtracks on cassette and tons of used vinyl.