Friday, December 18, 2009

Silkscreen posters celebrating "Lost"

The producers of Lost commissioned a bunch of poster artists around the country to make a poster of their favorite Lost moments or characters. There are some pretty cool ones. I09 has a gallery of them.

Here is Jay Ryan's poster

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mark's Top Ten movies that I watched in 2009

I'll try to keep this to current releases but there are always films that come out at the end of the year that probably would be on the list (The Road) or that played the Chicago International Film Festival (Mother) that I did not get the chance to see, that probably would be on this list.

1. Love Exposure by Sion Sono (Japan)
A four hour film about sinning and the bible. And a character dresses up as "Female Prisoner Scorpion".

2. Thirst by Park Chan-Wook (South Korea)
For the second year in a row a vampire film made the list and neither of them are called Twilight.

3. Gomorrah by Matteo Garrone (Italy)
Amazing expose of the criminal life in Naples, Italy.

4. Ip Man by Wilson Yip
First of a trilogy about Bruce Lee's kung fu teacher. Wong Kar Wai is also adapting the teacher's story so look for it on my list in about 5 years.

5. Drag Me To Hell by Sam Raimi (USA
I was impressed by Raimi's return to his horror roots. If he makes another one I won't wait for dvd to see it. Sorry for the intro to the trailer.

6. Shinjuku Incident by Derek Yee (Hong Kong)
On this list for two reasons. Jackie Chan plays a bad guy and as a producer of the movie he refused to cut the movie's violence and scenes of criminal life to get released in China.

7. In The Loop Armando Iannucci (United Kingdom)
Some awesome swearing and put downs in this movie and it is scary how close to what really happened this is.

8. Beast Stalker by Dante Lam (Hong Kong)
The trailer has some spoilers. Good crime drama with good acting from Nick Cheung and Nicholas Tse.

9. Red Cliff 2 by John Woo (China)
The trailer is not subbed but shows John Woo's return to action.

10. Crank 2 by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor
Just watched this last night and it makes the list because twice during the movie I said "I haven't seen that before" Stupid over the top fun action. Much better than Transporter 3. If these directors could hire Corey Yuen to help film the action they might just find their way on to future top ten lists.

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Also the worst film I saw in a theater this year was "Ninja Assassin"

Mark's Top Ten movies 2000-2009

Here are my favorite films of the last 10 years. I won't go into much detail on the films because I've probably already told you about them in the store. Or forced you to watch them.

1. Survive Style 5+ by Gen Sekiguichi (2004)
No US release in sight for this film. So many interlocking stories. Tadanobu Asano and Vinnie Jones. The director hasn't made a movie since. Here is the trailer. When you search for the film on youtube you will see several people pick segments of the film to be their favorite every.

2. Battle Royale by Kinji Fukusaku (2000) I used to import copies of the disc from the UK and sold quite a few. Oh the days before bootleg dvds.

3.City Of God by Fernando Mierelles and Katia Lund (2002)

4. Sympathy For Mr Vengeance by Park Chan-Wook (2002) My favorite of the Vengeance trilogy and the bleakest. Great performances by everybody in the cast.

5. Love Exposure by Sion Sono (2009)
My favorite film of 2009. 4 hours long.

6.Ichi The Killer by Takashi Miike (2001) It would a toss up between this and Audition if it had been released in the last 10 years. And it took me a year to find out that Yoshimi from the Boredoms did the soundtrack. Features Tadabanu Asano from Survive Style 5+. Rumor is that he will be featured in the Thor movie.

7.Memories Of Murder by Bong Joon-Ho (2003) Again a toss up between this and The Host. I prefer Song Kang-Ho's acting in this film.

8. Nowhere To Hide by Lee Myung-Se (2000) Saw this twice in one week at the Music Box. There is a US disc of this film but it is missing about 20 minutes. Two detectives tracking a mobster wanted for murder. This and Shiri were two the first Korean films that I watched.

9. 28 Days Later by Danny Boyle (2002) This was a good year for movies.

10. Mad Detective by Johnnie To (2008) I could write a list for the best 10 Johnnie To films of the last decade and still leave off some good movies.

Most of these movies are available on imported discs via ebay. You can also watch almost all of them on youtube.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hard Boiled Update 11-13-09

Lots of good records in the store at the moment. Here are some New releases

Savvas Ysatis & Taylor Deupree - Hour Glass LP On 12K.

Velvet Underground - s/t LP 4 Men With Beards reissue.

Post Human - Monsters Exist 12" On B12

Kirk Degiorgio - Isomer Shift 12" On B12.

V/a - B12 Archive Vol. 1 2xCD

V/a - Hyperdub 5.3 12"

V/a - Hyperdub 5.4 12"

V/a - Africa Boogaloo, The Latinazation Of West Africa 2xLP On Honest Jons Records.
The influence of Caribbean music in West Africa.

Johnny Trunk - Scrapbook CD On Trunk Records.

Sigur Ros - Gobbledigook 12" On Kompakt Records. Remixes by Gluteus and Flowing aka Thomas Fehlmann

Monolake - Atlas T++ Remix 12"

V/a - Mata La Pena LP Great comp of obscure vintage international music. On Mississippi Records.

Joseph Spence - Good Morning Mr Walker LP Bahamian guitarist. Licensed from Arhoolie Records and reissued by Mississippi Records.

Fred McDowell - s/t LP Essential Blues record. Again reissued by Mississippi Records from Arhoolie Records.

Zomby - One Foot Ahead of The Other CD On Ramp.

Group Bombino - Agadez Vol. 2 CD On Sublime Frequencies.

Group Doueh - Treeg Salaam CD On Sublime Frequencies. Their first release on Sublime Freq was one of my favorites of 2007.

V/a - Singapore A-Go-Go CD Comp of 1960's garage and pop from Singapore. On Sublime Frequencies.

Shindig #13 - Nov/Dec 09 issue

VHS Head - Video Club CD On Skam Records.

2562 - Unbalanced CD Dubstep on Tectonic.

Hildur Gudnadottir - Without Sinking CD Cellist from Iceland. On Touch Records. Played with Mum on their recent Chicago show.

Phill Niblock - Touch Strings 2xCD On Touch Records.

Van Patterson Quartet - Live At F.W. CASSETTE Another limited release on the Touch Records sub label Tapeworm.

Real Estate - s/t CD/LP On Woodsist Records.

Ras G - Destination There 12" On Ramp.

OOIOO - Armonica Hewa CD/LP On Thrill Jockey. Yoshimi from the Boredoms.

King Khan & BBQ Show - Invisible Girl CD On In The Red.

White Mystery/ Black Apple - split 45 White Mystery features Miss Alex White.

Atlas Sound - Logos CD/LP Deerhunter frontman on Kranky. Features vocals by Panda Bear from Animal Collective and Laetitia from Stereolab.

Disappears Live Over The Rainbow LP On Rococo Records.

Jesu - Opiate Sun LP.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Serge Gainsbourg bio pic

It is released in France in January but I haven't seen any word of a US release. The trailer looks very good. And it is very French so it is NSFW.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Oz parodies

Heather and I have been watching OZ and so here are some parodies.

There is a Jerry Seinfeld in Oz clip that they did for Saturday Night Live but I but NBC has taken it down from youtube.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Coen Brothers short film

This week's Onion has an article about good short films in no so good anthologies. Here is the Coen Brothers film, made during No Country For Old Men.

There are also shorts by David Lynch, Wong Kar Wai, Ken Loach and more. If I see a good one on youtube I will add it as a link.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hard Boiled 13th Anniversary

Hard Boiled will be turning 13 in October and so we are celebrating with a 20% off sale this weekend, starting right now.

Lots more used LPs, 45s and books in the store, and we have some new items in as well.

Jay Reatard - Watch Me Fall CD/LP

Yo La Tengo - Popular Songs CD/LP

Times New Viking - Born Again Revisited CD/LP

Mission Of Burma - Innermost 45

Girls - Album CD

Jonsi & Alex - Riceboy Sleeps CD From 2 members of Sigur Ros.

Cluster & Eno - s/t LP

V/a - Science Fiction Dance Party CD Very cool collection of soundtracks from German sci-fi movies from the 60's.

Pax Nicolas - Na Teef CD/LP 70's reissue from member of Fela's band.

Jim O'Rourke - Visitor CD

Isolee - October 12"

V/a - Wayfaring Stranger : Lonesome Strangers 2xLP New Numero Collection of rare folk.

V/a - Shadow Music CD On Sublime Frequencies. CD version of last years vinyl. Collection of Thai bands from the 60's influenced by the British group, The Shadows.

V/a - Siamese Soul CD On Sublime Frequencies. More Thai music from the 60's to the 80's.

Shindig - Issue 12

Stephen O'Malley - Petite CASSSETTE From Sunn O))) member. Limited to 250 copies.

Simon Fisher Turner - De Dentro CASSETTE Another cassette on the Touch Records offshoot label.

V/a - Downriver 2xLP+DVD Another compilation from the Numero Group, this time focusing on a Detroit Recording Studio that put out some amazing gospel, R&B, and garage rock.


Hard Boiled Records
2010 W. Roscoe
Chicago IL 60618
Tue - Fri 12-8
Sat, Sun 12-6

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hard Boiled Update 8-26-09

Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground & Nico LP Reissue on 4 Men With Beards

Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground LP Reissue on 4 Men With Beards.

Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot - Bonnie & Clyde LP Reissue on 4 Men With Beards.

V/a - Sound Of Wonder CD Compilation on Pakistani soundtracks.

Andy Votel - A Twisted Nerve Mix CD Compilation mix by label honcho.

Soft Machine - Vol. 2 LP

Martin Von Oswald - Vertical CD On Honest Jon's Records.

V/a - Total 10 2xCD New comp on Kompakt Records.

24 Carat Black - Gone: The Promise of Yesterday CD/LP On Numero Group.

David Daniell & Doug McCombs - Sycamore CD On Thrill Jockey. Doug is a member of Tortoise and 11th Dream Day and David is a member of San Augustin.

Kurt Vile - Constant Hitmaker LP On Woodsist Records. New record on Matador Records this fall.

Meth Teeth - Everything LP On Woodsist Records.

V/a - Locked Groove: RRR 1000 LP 1000 locked grooves by 20 artists. On RRR records.

Galactic Zoo Dosier #8 - New issue of local zine with cd.

Axemen - Scary! Part 3 LP On Siltbreeze.

Blues Control - Local Flavor CD On Siltbreeze.

Tortoise - BOA Remixes 12" Remixes by Eye from the Boredoms and a member of Rhythm & Sound.

Faust - So Far 2xLP Essential Krautrock album. Reissue on 4 Men With Beards.

Pan Sonic/ Keiji Haino - Shall I CD

Mika Vainio - Aineen Musta CD On Touch Records. Member of Pan Sonic.

Philip Jeck - Spool CASS Very limited cassette only release by experimental turntablist.

Clark - Totems Flare CD/LP On Warp.

I also bought a bunch of Bollywood soundtracks on cassette and tons of used vinyl.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Battle Wizard

I watched Battle Wizard last night and it is a crazy fun kung fu film. It stars Danny Lee, from The Killer, as a prince who journeys to the countryside to see if he can live without knowing kung fu. Along the way he encounters a Poison Clan, a snake charmer, a giant red python, a guy with lobster claw hands, and another guy with giant metal chicken feet who breathes fire. The final fight has Lee, who has become invincible by drinking the blood of the red python fighting a gorilla who knows kung fu, and then the lobster and chicken feet guys. Lots of fun fights packed into 72 minutes. There is a US disc of the film and you can rent it from Netflix.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hard Boiled Update 7-10-09

Some new stuff this week. Also next weekend, July 17th, 18th and 19th the store will be closed and we'll have a booth at the CHIRP Record Fair at Pitchfork.

Risil - Non Meters CD/LP Vinyl is very limited. New supergroup with Prefuse 73, Zach Hill from Hella, Tyondai Braxton (Battles), John McEntire (Tortoise, Sea & Cake), Alejandra Deheza (School Of Seven Bells) and Eva Puyuelo Muns (Savath & Savalas). On Important Records.

Oneida - Rated 0 3xCD

Dinosaur Jr - Farm 2xCD. 2xLP Was able to restock the limited edition 2 cd version.

Units - History Of .... CD Early 80's San Fran new wave similar to Devo.

Silver Apples - s/t LP Legit reissue of essential 60's psych.

V/a - Fight On Your Time Ain't Long LP New vintage blues comp on Mississippi Records.

Cecil Barfield - South Georgia Blues LP On Mississippi Records.

V/a - Deep City LP Numero Group soul reissue back in stock.

Pisces - A Lovely Sight CD Most recent Numero release.

Shindig - #11 New issue

Mr 76IX - Spirit Of Man 12" On Skam Records.

V/a - Tiny Mix Tapes Vol. 1 Darfur CD Benefit to aid victims of conflict in Sudan, Exclusives from Jim O'Rourke, Why?, Xiu Xiu, Wooden Wand, Mt Eerie, Flying Luttenbachers, Dan Deacon and more.

Mulatu - Afro Latin Soul LP Vinyl from the one of the stars of the Ethopiques Series.

Mulatu - Ethiopia Airlines LP

Hawkwind - Doremi Fasol CD Excellent 70's spacerock. Highly recommended.

Hawkwind - Space Ritual 2xCD Also highly recommended.

Young Widows/ Pelican Split 45 Exclusive tracks.

Rail Band - Dioba 2xCD Afro Rock from Mali.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jim Woodring's Frank animation

There is a Japanese dvd that has roughly 50 minutes of animated films based on the comics by Jim Woodring. The comics and the films are pretty mind blowing. If I remember correctly the dvd had a choice of audio, either Japanese electronic ambient music or tracks by James McNew of Yo La Tengo. There are also action figures of Woodring's work and boingboing recently posted a link to a site that sells embroidery patterns

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hard Boiled Update 6-26-09

Some good stuff in this week.

Tortoise - Beacons Of Ancestorship CD/LP The vinyl is already out of print. Thrill Jockey says that they will repress the vinyl but that it will not be as deluxe a pressing as this one.

Units - History Of The Units The Early Years 1977 - 1983 CD

Dinosaur Jr - Farm 2xCD/2xLP The double cd version has 4 extra tracks and is limited.

Sunn O))) Pan Sonic - Che 10" Very limited 10" Suicide cover in honor of Alan Vega's 70's birthday.

Little Claw - Human Taste CD On Ecstatic Peace.

Hawkwind - s/t CD UK edition with bonus tracks.

Hawkwind - In Search Of Space CD UK edition with bonus tracks.

Dave Bixby - Ode To Quetzalcoatl CD Moody drugged damaged acid folk from 1968.

Cooly G - Narst 12" On Hyperdub.

V/a - The World Is Shaking CD Cubanismo From The Congo , 1954-55. Latest compilation from Honest Jon's.

Monolake - Atlas 12"

Jean Claude Vannier - L'enfant Assassin des Monches CD Psychedelic French from the arranger of Serge Gainsbourg's "History Of Melody Nelson"

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tarsem Singh's The Fall

Watched the most recent film by Tarsem (The Cell). It took him several years to film and he travelled all over the world to shoot in some amazing places. Visually it is very reminiscent of Alejandro Jodorowsky. I missed The Fall when it played theatricall, but I will see his next film on the biggest screen possible. Currently imdb lists him as in preproduction for "War Of Gods".

Hard Boiled Update 6-19-09

Lots of used LPs in this week and with the crappy weather I am close to putting out all of the backlog of LPs that have been on hold for me to investigate what they are and what to price them at.

V/a - One Nation Under A Grave CD New mix cd from Andy Votel. "75 minutes of Fuzz ridden/ Break heavy snippets of unpronounceable vinyl obscurities from 6 times around the melting planet"

Tomaz Bednarczyk - Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow CD On 12K.

William Basinski - 92982 CD

V/a - Well Hung CD Compilation of obscure Hungarian funk put together by Andy Votel. I've carried this cd as an import at $22.99 but now it is $15.99

Paavoharju - Yha Hamaraa CD Weird electronic folk music from Finland. On Fonal Records.

King Midas Sound - Dub Heavy 12" On Hyperdub Records.

Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette 12" On Kranky Records.

T.P. Orchestre Poly-rythmo - Kings Of Benin Urban Groove 1972-80 CD Lots of Afrobeat and Afrofunk cds in this week.

V/a - Legends Of Benin CD Analog Africa's new comp.

V/a - Nigeria Disco Funk CD Back in stock.

V/a - Nigeria Rock Special CD Back in stock.

Rail Band - Vol. 1 Soundiata 2xCD From Mali.

Rail Band - Vol. 2 Mansa 2xCD

Rail Band - Vol. 3 Dioba 2xCD

Feelies - Only Life CD Back in stock in time for their show at the Pritzker on the 29th. Also the Sea and Cake and Dirty Projectors are playing the Pritzker for free this Monday at 6:30.

Wire - New issue

Wavves - s/t CD

Ganglians - Monster Head CD On Woodsist Records.

SND - Atavism CD On Raster Norton.

Easy Star All Stars - Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band CD/LP Reggae cover of the Beatles classic album

V/a - New Orleans Funk CD After a year of not carrying Soul Jazz Records because they were too expensive the price has dropped to a reasonalble price for an import cd.

V/a - Chicago Acid - Acid & Experimental House 1985-1995: Can You Jack? 2xCD

Jackie Mittoo - Keyboard King At Studio One CD

V/a - Dub Echoes DVD Soul Jazz produced movie about the history of Dub.

Prince Buster - She Was A Rough Rider LP

Prince Buster - Wreck A Pum Pum LP

Bob Marley - Burnin' LP

Augustus Pablo - Meets Lee Perry & The Wailers: Rare Dubs LP

Bob Marley - Natty Dread LP

King Tubby - Controls LP

Lee Perry - Return Of The Super Ape LP

Scientist - Scientific Dub LP

Nicodemus - Serious Nicodemus Volume 1: Nicodemus Meets Roots Radics At Channel One LP

Lee Perry - Roast Fish Collie Weed & Corn Bread LP

Prince Jazzbo - Ital Corner LP

Bob Marley - Kaya LP

Jackie Mittoo - Keep On Dancing LP

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hard Boiled Update 6-08-09

>I will be spinning records at the Burlington tomorrow (Wednesday) from 10:30 to 2am. The Burlington is located at 3425 W. Fullerton (@Kimball). I've started pulling lots of noisy lo-fi rock to go along with some Bowie.
I got rid of the 99 cent records last week, but have already started a new box of fresh 99 cent deals.

Sonic Youth - The Eternal CD/LP The record is pretty good.

St. Vincent - Actor CD

V/a - Transmission From Sinai CD New comp put out by Arthur Magazine. Lots of noisy drone.

Telefon Tel Aviv - Immolate LP Now on vinyl.

Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette CD

Rodriguez - Coming From Reality LP With bonus 7".

V/a - Not Given Lightly 2xCD Morr Records tribute to New Zealand bands. Back in stock.

DMX Krew - Wave Funk Vol. 1 12" New on Rephlex.

A. Perala - Boom Blaster 12" aka Astrobotnia, Ouvca.

On Rephlex. V/a - Panama!2 CD New Latin Funk comp focusing on Panama from the 70's and 80's.

Robert Hampson - Vectors CD On Touch Records.

Biosphere - Wireless Live CD On Touch Records.

Yeti - New issue.

Thanks Mark

Sonic Youth and Kung Fu Chefs

I have the new Sonic Youth cd for sale today for $11.99.  Here is a video clip with samples of every track on the album.

Also there is a new Hong Kong movie about a cooking tournament featuring chefs that are kung fu masters 
who use there martial arts in the kitchen. It stars Sammo Hung and the bad is Fan Siu Wong aka Rikki
from Story Of Rikki.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Hard Boiled Update 5-29-09

I'm donating my 99 cent LP section to the Brown Elephant next week So until then the 99 cent LPs are now 25 cents. I am not stop carrying 99 cent records. I just have too many and donating them to the Brown Elephant will allow me to clean and reorganize part of the store's floor plan. I'm sure that within a month I'll be overflowing in 99 cent records again. 

Also next update I'll have the new Sonic Youth cd and LP. The cd will be $11.99 and the double LP is $29.99. Since the vinyl is so expensive please let me know by Monday if you will want a copy as I will only be ordering as many copies as I get preorders.  

Thanks Mark  
Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest CD/ 2x LP LP in stock for people who special ordered it. It is temporarily out of print, but should be available in a month.  

Telescopes - Singles Comp Vol. 2 CD  

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Eating Us CD  

V/a - Psycedelic Guide To Monsterism Island CD New Lo Records comp with new Luke Vibert, Gruff Rhys, Jonny Trunk and more .  

Boards Of Canada - Unreleased 12" Only one track is unreleased, the other 3 are remixes of super limited releases from the mid 1990's.  

Sinner DC - Crystallized CD On Ai Records  

Jana Winderen - The Noisiest Guys On The Planet CASSETTE Very limited noise release on Ash International.  

Sir Richard Bishop - Freak Of Araby CD On Drag City  

Wand - Hard Knox CD Formerly Wooden Wand. On Ecstatic Peace Records.  

The Field - Yesterday and Today 2xLP with CD. New release by the biggest artist on Kompakt Records. I am not carrying the cd version of this since the double LP comes with a cd. But if you want only the cd let me know and I'll order one for you.  

V/a - Not Given Lightly 2x cd/ 3xLP New compilation on Morr Music. All covers of classic New Zealand Pop, particularly the roster of bands on the Flying Nun label.  

V/a - Smarts Palace 2xLP Vinyl edition of recent Eccentric Soul comp from Numero Group.  

Pisces - A Lovely Sight CD New reissue of 1960's psych rock from Rockford IL.  

Chris Watson - Stepping Into The Dark CD On Touch Records. 

Wire - new issue with Ornette Coleman on the cover.  

Real Estate - Fake Blues 7" On Woodsist Records.  

Group Doueh - Treeg Salaam LP More African psych on Sublime Frequencies. SOLD OUT but should be on cd in 6 months or so.

More British comedy

I would like to thank my friend Niall for turning me on to the show, Nathan Barley.  You can watch the episodes on youtube   Like most things involving Chris Morris it takes a little while to figure out what is going on.  And like most things with Chris Morris it is pretty funny.
And here is a trailer for a new film "In The Loop".

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bad Lieutenant trailer

Here is the trailer for Bad Lieutenant 2 Port Of Call New Orleans.  It makes me actually want to see the movie.  Werner Herzog directing Nic Cage, Val Kilmer.  I don't think it will be as good as the original but the producer says that he wants BL2 to be similar to Batman Begins, ie a re-imaging of the story so hopefully it will allow Mr Cage an acting outlet while he makes Ghost Rider 2 and National Treasure 3. 

Here is the trailer for the original version.  You can hear the original Schooly D soundtrack in the trailer that was all over the film but not on the vhs because Jimmy Page was not happy with the Zeppelin sample used by Schooly D.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hard Boiled Update 5-10-09

This is the new store email address. The earthlink address is no longer working. Lots of stuff has come in since I last sent out an email. I have tons of used records, lots of Sub Pop , Am Rep, Man's Ruin releases on 45, 10" and LP. Several boxes of used 60's soul 45s. So many used books that I have had to display them in boxes on the floor. I have also added a box of rare LPs and 45s. I've also updated the store's blog  
Pillowdiver - Sleeping Pills CD On 12K.  

Berg/ Vitiello - Gorilla CD On 12K.  

V/a - African Scream Contest CD On Analog Africa.  

Big Star - #1 Record LP New reissue.  

Ted Taylor - Hymns A Swinging CD Odd Gospel on Trunk Records.  

Rodriguez - Coming From... CD Second reissue on Light In The Attic.  

Serge Gainsbourg - History Of Melody Nelson LP Reissue on Light In The Attic.  

Bishop Perry Tillis - In Time Like These LP Gospel Blues on Mississippi Records.  

Hisham Mayet - Palace Of The Winds DVD Two year travelog through the music of Saharawi culture from Guelmim in Southern Morocco to Mauritanian capital of Nouakchott. Features performances by Group Doueh, Group Marwani and more. On Sublime Frequencies.  

Omar Souleyman - Dabke 2020 Folk & Pop Sounds of Syria CD Second volume in Sublime Frequencies series.  

Shindig - New issue with Gene Clark on the cover.  

V/a - Ghana Soundz CD Afro funk reissue.  

Four Tet/ Burial - Moth/Wolf 12" Collaboration.  

V/a - Thai Funk CD Limited edition collection of funky tracks from Thailand in the 1970's. Comes in a cloth bag.  

Wire - New issue with Kode 9 on the cover and an article on Sublime Frequencies.  

Wavves - s/t LP Back in stock.  

Psychedelic Horseshit - Shitgaze 12" on Woodsist.  

Woods - Songs of Shame LP On Woodsist.  

Ganglians - s/t LP On Woodsist.  

Eno Moebius & Rodelius - After The Heat LP  

J.T.IV - Cosmic Lightning LP & DVD Finally repressed. lost Chicago classic.  

As always if there is anything you want on this list let me know.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Son Of Rambow

We watched Garth Jennings "Son Of Rambow" last night it was a highly enjoyable film about growing up in the UK in the early 80's.  There are a couple of very funny fantasy sequences,  this link goes to a five minute collage of the animation for the movie and the best stuff starts at 1:45 in.  David OReilly's animation  The movie was very funny.  Features Jessica Hynes who was Daisy in Spaced.  Garth Jennings also directed the "Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy", but don't hold it against him.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Music Box's 3rd Sci Fi Spectacular

This Saturday the Music Box is having their 3rd Sci Fi Spectacular put together by Rusty Nails.
Over 14 hours of movies and trailers and special guests. There will also be a selection of vendors with the latest dvds, books and t-shirts. I plan on seeing Aliens and hope to stay awake for the Fly. More details here

Hong Kong film fest at the Siskel Center

Running this month at the Gene Siskel center is a selection of somewhat recent Hong Kong movies. I figured I'd give my thoughts on the movies.
May 7th Golden Chicken - Not a bad movie, but if you're not a fan of Hong Kong cinema you will miss all of the injokes and cameos. The movie is a history lesson of the 80's and 90's boom and busts in Hong Kong through the eyes of a prostitute (played by Sandra Ng).

May 9th - The Drummer. I've heard it is a decent movie and want to see it but I'll be at the Sci-Fi Spectacular going on at the music. The Drummer stars Jackie Chan's son Jaycee and the reviews say that he is pretty good in the film. The direcor should be at the screening although I would double check with the Siskel Center.

May 10th & 13th- The Pye-Dog Haven't seen it but it has a good cast.

May 15th - Mob Sister Not a bad gangster movie with an above average cast including Simon Yam and Anthony Wong. Not as good as Election 1 or 2.
May 16th & 18th - Fatal Contact Good kung fu fighting film about a underground no limit fighting. Stars Wu Jing. It is already out on a US dvd. Here is a good fight scene.

May 22nd & 26th Mr Cinema - Similar to Golden Chicken or Cinema Paradiso. Staring Anthony Wong.
May 23rd & May 27th Eye In The Sky - A Johnnie To production about surveillance cops trying to catch a master criminal. Here is the trailer.

I would recommend Fatal Contact and Eye In The Sky as decent not, great movies. For more information check the Siskel Center

The Revenants - zombie play in Chicago by the Wildclaw Theatre

Last weekend Heather and I went to see the Revenants, a zombie play by Scott Barsotti. The play is put on by the Wildclaw Theatre. The play takes place in a basement with two couples, each couple is a tied up zombie and their spouse. The live humans struggle with the idea of killing their loved ones. It is a one act play that runs 80 minutes. The theatre is above a liquor store and you can bring booze in to enjoy the show. I was impressed with the gore and that the zombies kept moaning for the whole show. Here is a trailer that Wildclaw made for the play.

Wildclaw Theatre
735 West Sheridan Road, Chicago
April 20 through May 24th
Thu-Fri-Sat 7:30PM Sun 3:00PM

Friday, April 24, 2009

Two new movie trailers

Here is the trailer for "Valhalla Rising" a Viking movie staring Mads Mikkleson ( Pusher trilogy and the bad guy in Casino Royale)

Also here is the trailer for the latest by Johnnie To, "Vengeance". I am really looking forward to seeing this film.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody made with old computers

From Neil Gaiman's blog.  
Here is a cover of one the best songs by Queen, using old computers.

Hell's Ground - Horror movie from Pakistan

Heather and I watched Hell's Ground last night.  It is a zombie/slasher/gore movie from 2007, made in Pakistan with lots of English dialog.  The effects are good, old school gore.  The music is fun.  Basically the plot is a group of 20 somethings go on a roadtrip and take a short cut and end up in an area infested with zombies and have to face a serial killer in a burqa!  I would say it is as good as most Fulci films (although "Zombie" is much better).

Clowns vs cops - amazing frozen video

On Boing Boing today they have a link to an amazing youtube video of a frozen moment of time in a fire fight between a gang of clowns and cops.  Very impressive.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Record Store Day info

There will be tons of great used LPs out for Record Store Day. All of these boxes and piles of records will be processed today. The store will be overflowing with good vinyl. Lots of classic rock, experimental noise, punk rock and a 500 original soul 45s from the 1960's and 70's.

We are also hosting an instore by the band, Radio Ballads who describe themselves as "the music is slow, instrumental, and sounds like soundtrack music for dreams or imaginary films." I'll have some giveaways and cookies. The band will play from 4pm to 4:30pm


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2 Hong Kong movies

Here is the ending for the Hong Kong movie "Hunting List". It steals the shootout from the end of "True Romance" The only dvd release for this movie is from Germany.

The other movie is "Savior of the Soul" which stars Andy Lau, Anita Mui and Aaron Kwok. It is filled with crazy action. There is a sequel but it is nowhere near as good and lacks the imaginative fights. Here is the trailer.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some music videos

I had a request to post more music videos so here are a couple.

Modeselektor - Black Block

Mouse On Mars - bib

Fennesz & Ryuichi Sakamoto - OTO

Devendra Banhart - Carmensita

Spacemen 3 - Revolution

Friday, March 20, 2009

John Woo's Red Cliff 2

I watched the second part of John Woo's Red Cliff this week and it is better than part 1. The action doesn't really get rolling until the last half hour, but it is pretty good. It stars Tony Leung Chiu Wei (from Hard Boiled and Lust Caution). In total, parts 1 and 2, the movie is over 4 1/2 hours and there is plans to release a condensed version in the US sometime in the future.
Here is the trailer to part 2.

Also someone has posted the movie to youtube.

At some point in the future there will be a deluxe box set edition of the movies and I will buy them again. I own 7 different releases of Hard Boiled.

Hard Boiled Update 3-20-09

I made a window display for the new Mono album that will be instock on Tuesday and one of the requirements for the display be that it features origami so I've been making Swans, Frogs, Penguins and Pianos. Thus I am giving away free origami with every purchase this weekend, while supply lasts.

Stop Smiling - New issue with either David Lynch or R. Crumb on the cover.

Ugly Things - New issue with The Move on the cover.

Lawrence English - Colour CD On 12K.

Seaworthy - 1987 CD On 12K.

Cluster - Cluster 1971 LP Reissue on 4 Men.

Eno Moebius & Rodelious - After The Hear LP Reissue on 4 Men

Wire - Pink Flag LP Reissue on 4 Men

Joker/ 2000 F - Digidesign 12" On Hyperdub.

Kode 9 - Black Sun 12" On Hyperdub.

Kevin Drumm - Imperial Distortion 2xCD Back in stock.

V/a - G-Spots CD/LP More bizarre library music collected by Trunk Records.

V/a - Pop Ambient 2009 LP Comes with a cd copy.

Lotus Plaza - Floodlight CD/LP Deerhunter guitarist on Kranky Records.

Os Mutantes - Mutantes LP Classic Brazilian record on an affordable lp reissue.

Nothing People - Late Night LP On SS Records.

Nana April Jun - Ontology CD On Touch Records.

Wire - #302 Sunn O))) on the cover and free sampler CD.

Woods - Songs Of Shame LP On Woodsist Records.

Paavoharju - Laulu Iaakson LP Bizarre Finnish psych folk.

Death - For The Whole World To See LP Drag City reissue of Detroit proto punks. Recent article in the New York Times.


Free mixtape by Themselves

Free mix from Themselves who are playing at the Empty Bottle on Thursday. They are quite an impressive rap group from the west coast. The were part of 13 & God with members of the Notwist

Kill Bill in one minute

Here is a re-enactment of Kill Bill in one minute. Very funny.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thirst - Vampire movie by the director of Oldboy

The trailer for the new Park Chan Wook film hit the web today. It is a vampire movie about a Catholic priest who is bitten by a vampire. The priest is played by Sung Kang Ho (from the Host, Sympathy For Mr Vengeance). Also in the movie is Shin Ha Kyun who was the lead in Save The Green Planet.

Ultraviolet - British Vampire Show

Ultraviolet was a British tv show that lasted 6 episodes and dealt with a potential takeover of the world by vampires, although they never use the word vampires. It stars Idris Elba (Stringer Bell from the Wire) and Jack Davenport (Coupling, Pirates of the Caribbean). Extremely well written series whose only flaw is that they didn't continue it. It looks like all 6 episodes are on youtube. It was released on dvd in the US in 2000. Here is a clip from the first episode.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Angel Of Death web series

Angel of Death is a recent web tv show staring Zoe Bell from "Death Proof". Here she is an assassin who gets into trouble with the mob. It is written by Ed Brubaker, who has written quite a few good comic books. Bell was the stunt double for "Xena, the Warrior Princess" and so Lucy Lawless and Ted Raimi show up in later episodes.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hard Boiled Update 3-13-09

Tons of good used lp stock in this week. Early Sonic Youth rarities, early Tom Waits, Squeeze, Slade and Style Council and Near Mint Beatles LPs.

Bonnie Prince Billy - Beware CD/LP There is also an "Ultraload" edition of this album that is a 10". The "Ultraload" is a digital download coupon for the album (the LP does not have a coupon) along with a 10" record that has 4 songs not on the cd or lp. It is $19.99 and I did not get any as I feel that $20 for 4 songs is not a good deal. But if you are an obsessive Bonnie Prince Billy fan and have to have the 4 songs let me know and I will order one for you.

Stop Smiling - new issue with either Robert Crumb or David Lynch on the cover.

Bell Orchestre - As Seen Through Windows CD New release from Arcade Fire side project.

Bon Iver - Blood Bank CDEP recent ep.

Giant Robot - latest issue

Abe Vigoda - Reviver CDEP again a recent ep.

Beirut - March Of The Zapotec CD

Pains At Being pure At Heart - s/t

Extra Golden - Thank You CD On Thrill Jockey.

V/a - Pop Ambient 2009 CD Latest Kompakt blissed out pop comp.

Tim Hecker - An Imaginary ... CD On Kranky.

Cluster & Eno - LP 4 Men With Beards reissue.

Wire - #301 with Bonnie Prince Billy on the cover.

V/a - Round Black Ghosts 2 CD Latest comp on Scape Records.

Gui Boratto - Take My ... 2xLP & CD On Kompakt, the vinyl comes with a copy of the cd.

Also record store is coming in about a month and there will be exclusive releases for the available for the day.
Most are very limited and it is probably that we won't get enough copies or even any copies of the releases.
You can check out what will be available on April 18th.

If you want a copy of the Jesus Lizard box set it should be $30-$32 and you should preorder it with me.

I am planning an instore appearance for that day and some other surprises.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TV from my youth

Here is a clip from a British tv from the early 1970's. The show is the Clangers and there are lots of clips on youtube.

And here is a clip from the first martial arts tv show I watched. It is a Japanese show based on a classic Chinese novel.

There have been many adaptation of the novel, most just deal with a chapter or two or focus on one character. Here is a trailer for the Shaw Brother adaptation from 1972.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ghosts of the Civil Dead

This movie c0-written by and stars Nick Cave. It came out in 1989 and is based on the testimony of David Hale, a warder at the Marion, Illinois Supermax prison, and the Illinois Senate did not want it to influence the public's opinion of the new prison. It is unlikely that the ban would have held up in court but the company releasing the film would have had to spend a lot of money taking the state to court. It played at the Art Institute of Chicago with no problems. The director is John Hillcoat who went on the make "The Proposition" and the forth coming "The Road". All three films have soundtracks by Nick Cave.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Michael Mann's LA Takedown

Since his trailer for "Public Enemies" hit the web recently I figured I would link to this TV movie that Michael Mann made in 1989. Basically it is a ruff draft for what became "Heat". As far as I know it never played on US tv but did get released in Japan. Here are the early versions of the DeNiro Pacino scene and the bank heist.

The actor in the DeNiro role, Alex McArthur had some bad luck in the 1980's. This movie never got released and he starred in William Freidkin's "Rampage" that was delayed for many years. He did play Madonna's boyfriend in her "Papa Don't Preach" video which was directed by James Foley, who also directed "Glengerry Glen Ross".

John Waters No Smoking PSA

In the mid 1980's I used to see this public service announcement before most movies I saw in Minneapolis. I never smoked but always got a kick out of the ad.

Legend Of The Liquid Sword

In the mid 1990's Hong Kong director Wong Jing produced tons of wacky kung fu films. One of the wackiest was Legend Of The Liquid Sword. The hero learned a kung fu style that gave him the ability to shoot water out of his fists as if they were firehoses. It had a vampire that dressed up as Batman. And Jesus Christ saved the day.

Actually after the clip the character says that he was throwing small bombs and that he is not Jesus. I don't know if the Xenon dvd keeps Andrew Lloyd Weber's score.

Hitler reacts to the latest Watchmen news

The Swedish movie "Downfall" was released a couple of years ago and features lots of rants by the actor playing Hitler. Thanks to the magic of youtube people have had lots of fun resubbing the clips for their own amusement. Here is a clip in which Hitler reacts to the new ending of the Watchmen.
Found on Boing Boing

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Record Store Day April 18th, 2009

It looks like record store day will be even better this year. There will be some free stuff and some exclusives available for that day. Heather and I will cook up some tasty treats and I might even have an a band play live.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blood The Last Vampire

Live action adaptation of the anime staring Jeon Ji-hyun aka Gianna Jun (the star of "My Sassy Girl"). By the director of Jet Li's "Kiss Of The Dragon", Chris Nahon. Scheduled to come out this summer everywhere in the world but no US date as of yet. It is filmed in English.

Sumtom trailer Thai action film

One of the films that looks like it will be a lot of fun to watch is Sumtom, a new Thai action movie featuring Nathan Jones. Nathan has been in Jet Li's "Fearless", Tony Jaa's "The Protector" and Jackie Chan's "First Strike". In this Thai film he is a gentle giant befriended by a young girl who can fight (she was in "Born To Fight") There's lots of funny moments to the fights. Nathan's character doesn't know how to fight until he eats hot peppers and then he destroys everything in sight. The trailer starts with a clip of him fighting Tony Jaa but after a couple of seconds the new movie kicks in. Also there are lots of subtitled clips of the movie on youtube so if you enjoy this check them out. And a piece of trivia, the movie company that made the movie is called "Baa Ram Ewe". Those are the magic words to control sheep in the movie "Babe".

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hard Boiled Update 2-6-09

As of this coming Monday (Feb 9th) the store will be closed on Mondays for the foreseeable future. Having Mondays off will allow me to search for more rare records to sell in the store.
In last week's update I forgot to mention the Touch & Go and Matador new releases. We have the Volcano Sun reissues and the new cd from A.C. Newman of the New Pornographers.

In today.

Eno Moebius Rodelious - After The Heat LP Classic 1970's Eno collaboration.

Telefon Tel Aviv - Immolate CD New album on Bpitch Control. Hopefully not their last. RIP-Charlie-Cooper-of-Telefon-Tel Aviv

George Coleman - Bongo Joe LP On Mississippi Records.

Spiritual Singers - s/t LP On Mississippi Records.

V/a - I Woke Up LP Yet another great collection of rare pre WWII music on Mississippi Records.

Wire - 300th issue of the British music magazine.

Crystal Stilts - s/t CD/LP On Woodsist Records

Wavves - s/t CD On Woodsist Records

And there is a new Red Hot & Blue, AIDS Benefit cd coming out on Feb 17th. The double cd willbe $13.99 and the triple LP will be $23.99. If you want one of these let me know and I will reserve one for you.

The Story:
Dark Was The Night will be released on February 17th, 2009. Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National produced the album, and John Carlin, the founder of the Red Hot Organization was the executive producer. A total of 31 exclusive tracks have been recorded for the compilation. It will be available as a double cd/triple viny and will benefit the Red Hot Organization - an international charity dedicated to raising funds and awareness for HIV and AIDS. Red Hot was founded on the premise that even without a cure, AIDS remains a preventable disease – and music is a great vehicle to raise money and awareness for it.

This is the 20th year of Red Hot, and this is the 20th release!

Track Listing:
Disc 1
1. Knotty Pine - Dirty Projectors + David Byrne
2. Cello Song - The Books featuring Jose Gonzalez
3. Train Song - Feist + Ben Gibbard
4. Brackett, WI - Bon Iver
5. Deep Blue Sea - Grizzly Bear
6. So Far Around The Bend - The National
7. Tightrope - Yeasayer
8. Feeling Good - My Brightest Diamond
9. Dark Was The Night - Kronos Quartet
10. I Was Young When I Left Home - Antony + Bryce Dessner
11. Big Red Machine - Justin Vernon + Aaron Dessner
12. Sleepless - The Decemberists
13. Die - Iron & Wine
14. Service Bell - Grizzly Bear + Feist
15. You Are the Blood - Sufjan Stevens

Disc 2
1. Well-Alright - Spoon
2. Lenin - Arcade Fire
3. Mimizan - Beirut
4. El Caporal - My Morning Jacket
5. Inspiration Information - Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
6. With A Girl Like You - Dave Sitek
7. Blood Pt. 2 - Buck 65 Remix (featuring Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti)
8. Hey, Snow White - The New Pornographers
9. Gentle hour - Yo La Tengo
10. Amazing Grace - Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues
11. Happiness - Riceboy Sleeps
12. Another Saturday - Stuart Murdoch
13. The Giant Of Illinois - Andrew Bird
14. Lua - Conor Oberst & Gillian Welch
15. When The Road Runs Out - Blonde Redhead + Devastations
16. Love vs. Porn - Kevin Drew

Also Record Store Day is coming up in 2 months and I will be figuring out something cool to do for that day.