Friday, December 2, 2011

2000 A.D. (Hong Kong, 2000)

Directed by Gordan Chan (Fist Of Legend), this big budget espionage film co-produced by Singapore's Raintree Films, takes about 30 minutes for the action to start but then you have a high powered rifle sniper, bloody shootouts, car chases, and fights on top of skyscrapers. Many Hong Kong and Singaporean stars are in the film. Aaron Kwok, Francis Ng, Daniel Wu, Ray Lui and Andrew Lin round out the Hong Kong stars. The sniper is played by Ken Lo, who is famous for being Jackie Chan's bodyguard and final opponent in Drunken Master 2 (Legend Of The Drunken Master in the US). Definitely worth watch, Francis Ng gives a great performance as weary Hong Kong police detective. The netflix streaming has easy to read yellow English subtitles. Normally I put a link to the film's trailer but this time I'm linking to the sniper action scene. It does spoil a character's death.

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