Sunday, February 12, 2012 's top films of the 80's

One of my favorite Hong Kong film sites is having a reader's poll of the top films of the 1980's, which was the heyday of Hong Kong cinema. There were tons of great movies released and it was tough to put together a top 20. On any given day I would probably change the order of these films, but they are all great movies and highly recommended.
1. The Killer
2. God Of Gamblers
3. Dragons Forever
4. Eastern Condors
5. Chinese Ghost Story
6. Peking Opera Blues
7. Police Story
8. Duel To The Death
9. Project A
10. A Better Tomorrow 3
11. A Better Tomorrow
12. Prodigal Son
13. Mr Vampire
14. Pedicab Driver
15. Iceman Cometh
16. Long Arm Of The Law 3
17. Long Arm Of The Law
18. City On Fire
19. We Are Going To Eat You
20. Tiger On Beat.

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