Friday, March 20, 2009

Hard Boiled Update 3-20-09

I made a window display for the new Mono album that will be instock on Tuesday and one of the requirements for the display be that it features origami so I've been making Swans, Frogs, Penguins and Pianos. Thus I am giving away free origami with every purchase this weekend, while supply lasts.

Stop Smiling - New issue with either David Lynch or R. Crumb on the cover.

Ugly Things - New issue with The Move on the cover.

Lawrence English - Colour CD On 12K.

Seaworthy - 1987 CD On 12K.

Cluster - Cluster 1971 LP Reissue on 4 Men.

Eno Moebius & Rodelious - After The Hear LP Reissue on 4 Men

Wire - Pink Flag LP Reissue on 4 Men

Joker/ 2000 F - Digidesign 12" On Hyperdub.

Kode 9 - Black Sun 12" On Hyperdub.

Kevin Drumm - Imperial Distortion 2xCD Back in stock.

V/a - G-Spots CD/LP More bizarre library music collected by Trunk Records.

V/a - Pop Ambient 2009 LP Comes with a cd copy.

Lotus Plaza - Floodlight CD/LP Deerhunter guitarist on Kranky Records.

Os Mutantes - Mutantes LP Classic Brazilian record on an affordable lp reissue.

Nothing People - Late Night LP On SS Records.

Nana April Jun - Ontology CD On Touch Records.

Wire - #302 Sunn O))) on the cover and free sampler CD.

Woods - Songs Of Shame LP On Woodsist Records.

Paavoharju - Laulu Iaakson LP Bizarre Finnish psych folk.

Death - For The Whole World To See LP Drag City reissue of Detroit proto punks. Recent article in the New York Times.


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