Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TV from my youth

Here is a clip from a British tv from the early 1970's. The show is the Clangers and there are lots of clips on youtube.

And here is a clip from the first martial arts tv show I watched. It is a Japanese show based on a classic Chinese novel.

There have been many adaptation of the novel, most just deal with a chapter or two or focus on one character. Here is a trailer for the Shaw Brother adaptation from 1972.


Heigho said...

Love the Clangers. Did you ever watch that British Cartoon, Ludwig? Crazy, egg-shaped robot that played music. Detroit PBS would carried a lot of British kids shows when I was growing up. I found them oddly soothing as they were not as obnoxious as the American fare I was used to.

Mark Ferguson said...

I do not remember Ludwig. I'll look it up on youtube.
There was lots of weird British tv, I just have to remember the titles of shows. I looked at a lot of Blue Peter clips trying to find some weird clips but no luck.


Amanda said...

I so do not remember the clangers. blue peter yes but not the clangers.