Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hong Kong film fest at the Siskel Center

Running this month at the Gene Siskel center is a selection of somewhat recent Hong Kong movies. I figured I'd give my thoughts on the movies.
May 7th Golden Chicken - Not a bad movie, but if you're not a fan of Hong Kong cinema you will miss all of the injokes and cameos. The movie is a history lesson of the 80's and 90's boom and busts in Hong Kong through the eyes of a prostitute (played by Sandra Ng).

May 9th - The Drummer. I've heard it is a decent movie and want to see it but I'll be at the Sci-Fi Spectacular going on at the music. The Drummer stars Jackie Chan's son Jaycee and the reviews say that he is pretty good in the film. The direcor should be at the screening although I would double check with the Siskel Center.

May 10th & 13th- The Pye-Dog Haven't seen it but it has a good cast.

May 15th - Mob Sister Not a bad gangster movie with an above average cast including Simon Yam and Anthony Wong. Not as good as Election 1 or 2.
May 16th & 18th - Fatal Contact Good kung fu fighting film about a underground no limit fighting. Stars Wu Jing. It is already out on a US dvd. Here is a good fight scene.

May 22nd & 26th Mr Cinema - Similar to Golden Chicken or Cinema Paradiso. Staring Anthony Wong.
May 23rd & May 27th Eye In The Sky - A Johnnie To production about surveillance cops trying to catch a master criminal. Here is the trailer.

I would recommend Fatal Contact and Eye In The Sky as decent not, great movies. For more information check the Siskel Center

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