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Hard Boiled Update 1-13-09

Lots of new used vinyl arrivals. I've filled the new arrivals bin twice already this month. Not much new in this week but next week brings the new Animal Collective cd. If you want a copy let me know because this will sell fast and it will help me know how many copies to order. At the end of this email there is a list of other upcoming new releases and if you are interested in any of them let me know. Also I've started a blog for the store where I am archiving these updates, reviewing movies, posting old interviews I did in the 1980's, putting up youtube videos of some of the movies I talk about, and probably adding more stuff as I come across it.

Flying Lotus - Los Angeles CD On Warp. Sounds like Prefuse 73 meets Madlib.

Helm's Alee - Night Terror CD

Los Campesinos - We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed CD With bonus dvd.

M83 - Digital Shades Vol. 1 CD Collection of ambient tracks.

Juana Molina - Un Dia CD

Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion LP Note that I am out of stock of the vinyl and I am waiting for it to be repressed.

More top 10 lists

My friend Mike S. list of top ten movies.

Feeling overwhelmed at the video store? Netflix queue getting dangerously short? I'm here to help. Below are my ten favorite "new" movies to play Chicago for the first time in 2008. Some of these are even still in theaters. Maybe we could go see one and grab a drink afterwards, eh?

10. Milk (Van Sant, USA)
Sean Penn's performance as the slain gay rights activist is an emotional powerhouse, perhaps his finest to date. Uncharacteristic of director Gus Van Sant, the style of the film is utterly conventional and yet Milk is all the more effective because of it.

9. Timecrimes (Vigalondo, Spain)
A man travels back in time one hour in order to prevent a crime in this low-budget Spanish brain-twister. The year's trippiest genre experience and an extremely impressive debut feature from writer/director Nacho Vigalondo.

8. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (del Toro, USA)
Darker, weirder and funnier than the original. Fully fleshes out the central paradox of having a monster protagonist who has chosen to protect mankind from other monsters, a job which will be forever thankless. You can have Batman. This is my kind of super hero movie.

7. Tokyo Sonata (Kurosawa, Japan)
Low-key, quirky comedy/drama from Japan that updates some of Ozu's themes for the 21st century. Starts off as a family drama and then becomes increasingly absurd before ending on one of the loveliest grace notes of any movie this year. An abrupt change of pace from horror director Kiyoshi Kurosawa and one of his very best films.

6. The Wrestler (Aronofsky, USA)
A requiem for the 1980s: Mickey Rourke's heartbreaking performance as a faded wrestling superstar is already the stuff of legend. Homeric.

5. Let the Right One In (Alfredson, Sweden)
Sweet love story, touching children's movie, scary vampire film. Throw in some wintry landscapes and a deftly sketched blue-collar milieu and you have one of the most original film concoctions in years.

4. Gran Torino (Eastwood, USA)
Clint Eastwood as a racist Korean war vet who forms an unexpected bond with his Asian immigrant neighbors. Even knowing the premise, the movie still manages, like Million Dollar Baby, to move in an unexpected direction. Each scene in this minimalist drama serves as a building block to the maximum emotional impact of the film's devastating coda.

3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Fincher, USA)
If Zodiac announced the arrival of David Fincher as a great director, this movie confirms it. A profoundly moving study of aging and death, Benjamin Button takes every cinematographic trick in the book (and invents a few along the way) to tell the story of a man who ages in reverse. Haunting, mysterious and very beautiful.

2. A Christmas Tale (Desplechin, France)
One of the greatest of all dysfunctional family holiday get-together movies. By turns tragic and hilarious, this audacious film features brilliant turns by Catherine Deneuve, Mathieu Amalric and Emmanuelle Devos. A masterpiece brimming with philosophical and literary interest.

1. Ashes of Time Redux (Wong, Hong Kong/China)
Wong Kar-Wai's remix of his martial arts classic from 1994 features a new, shorter running time and a new orchestral score. But the film's strengths remain a heady (and ineffably right) brew of gorgeously blurry action set pieces and Faulknerian meditations on love, time and memory.

Runners-Up: WALL-E, Changeling, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Happy Go Lucky, My Blueberry Nights, The Edge of Heaven, Full Battle Rattle, Heaven on Earth, Une Catastrophe, Pictures at an Exhibition

Jamie T.

Top Ten (in no order)

Sic Alps: US EZ
Made Out Of Babies: Ruiner
Santogold/Diplo: Top Ranking Mix Tape
Fucked Up: Chemistry Of Common Life
Marnie Stern: This is It…
Nick Cave: Dig Lazarus Dig!
Earth: The Bees Made Honey In the Lion’s Skull
Disfear: Live The Storm
Kills: Midnight Boom
Nachtmystium: Assassins: Black Meddle

Ten Great Songs of 2008 off EPs off Otherwise Unremarkable Albums

Big Business: “The Drift”
The Duchess and The Duke: “Reservoir Park”
Iwrestledabearonce: “Tastes Like Kevin Bacon”
Jucifer: “Blackpowder”
Re-Up Gang (The Clipse) “20K Money Making Brothers On The Corner”
Sebastien Grainger “Who Do We Care For?”
Torche “Pirana”
Vivian Girls: “No”
Venomous Concept: “Water Cooler”
CSS: “Rat Is Dead”

Geoffrey W.s Top 10 (in no particular order).

1. erykah badu – new amerykah part one: 4th world war (universal motown)
2. deerhunter – microcastle/weird era cont. (kranky)
3. flying lotus – los angeles (warp)
4. portishead – third (mercury)
5. atlas sound – let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel (kranky)
6. the roots – rising down (def jam)
7. kanye west – 808’s & heartbreak (roc-a-fella)
8. t.v. on the radio – dear science (dgc/interscope)
9. daedelus – love to make music to (ninja tune)
10. radiohead – in rainbows (tbd)

Evan L.s Top 10.
In no particular order :

- Sian Alice Group, "59.59" (Social Registry)
- Vikki Jackman, "Whispering Pages" (Faraway Press) (more from this label, please)
- Oak / Pink Desert, [Split Cassette] (NNA Tapes)
- M83, "Saturdays = Youth" (Mute)
- Move D & Benjamin Brunn, "Songs From The Beehive" (Smallville Records)
- Machinefabriek / Anne Bakker / Leo Fabriek, "Fabriek Bakker Fabriek" (Machinefabriek)
- Machinefabriek / Jan Kleefstra, "Piiptsjilling" (Onomatopee)
- Richard Garet - L'avenir (Winds Measure)
- Arsenije Jovanović, "Galiola - Works For Radio, 1967 - 2000" (and/OAR)
- Fovea Hex. All releases on Die Stadt. (Heart wrenching, immaculately produced and performed songs. Unfortunately somewhat overlooked.) (Although the Hafler Trio's collaboration on this project is apparently his last release.)

Good things about the year :

- The Touch Records 7" series. Touch Records.
- Lots of great Celer releases.
- The 'and/OAR' label releasing amazing, beautiful and conceptually powerful music/Sound Art.
- Being very pleasantly surprised by the new M83 album.
- Wolfgang Voigt coming back into play, with the exception of the ridiculous new 12" on Profan.
- Seeing the last Stateside appearance of Yellow Swans at their phenomenal and monumental show at the av-aerie.
- Nice that there are so many tape, vinyl and art-edition labels still in action despite the achingly annoying ubiquitousness of intangible music.
- Fennesz not releasing another "Endless Summer".
- Seeing Low in a church.
- Machinefabriek not completely consuming himself.

Released on 1/20/09

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE - Merriweather Post Pavilion CD
PETER LIECHTI & VOICE CRACK - Kick That Habit DVD On Drag City
ROYAL TRUX - Twin Infinitives 2x LP Back in print on vinyl.
ROYAL TRUX - S/T LP Back in print on vinyl.
A.C NEWMAN - Get Guilty CD/LP Matador - From the New Pornographers.
TITUS ANDRONICUS - The Airing Of Grievances CD/LP On XL
THOM YORKE - Eraser Remixes CD Remixes by the Bug, Four Tet, Burial and more.
DEVENDRA BANHART - Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon LP Vinyl finally out after a year of delays.
ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS - The Crying Light CD (Secretly Canadian)
BON IVER - Blood Bank CDEP/12" EP (Jagjaguwar) JAG134
JIM O'ROURKE & LOREN CONNORS - Two Nice Catholic Boys CD (Family Vineyard)
PSYCHIC ILLS - Mirror Eye CD/LP (The Social Registry)
CLUE TO KALO - Lily Perdida CD (Mush)
PARENTHETICAL GIRLS - Safe As Houses CD (Tomlab)
J. TILLMAN - Vacilando Territory Blues CD (Western Vinyl)
RACHEL SHEARER - Fakerie DVD (Family Vineyard)
THE WELCOME WAGON - Welcome to the Welcome Wagon LP (Asthmatic Kitty)
STEPHEN O'MALLEY - Keep an Eye Out! LP (Table of the Elements) TOE101lp -
JEREMY JAY - Love Everlasting 12" (K Records) KLP202lp -
MUSIC GO MUSIC - Warm In The Shadows 12" (Secretly Canadian)
ANGELO SPENCER - Music Is My Sweat b/w Great Salt Lake 7" (K Records)

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