Thursday, January 29, 2009

Martial art movies for early 2009

One of the films that I am eagerly awaiting is Ong Bak 2. It has nothing to do with Ong Bak 1 but the reviews on the web say that there is tons of action and that Tony Jaa team up with Dan Chupong (the star of Born To Fight). I am so psyched to see this movie that I won't wait to see it with English subtitles but there is not much plot, just action.

I am also interested in seeing Taken next week as it is by the director of District 13. And I want to see District 13 II whenever that gets released.
And coming out on video soon is one of my favorite films of last year, which I watched without subtitles is the Thai action film Chocolate. The fights are impressive in this fim, but the stunt people in the final fight who fall from several floors up to land on dirt really are one of the highlights of the film. This is the final fight from the film and so it contains spoilers.

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bindifry said...

i loved chocolate and was lucky to be in thailand upon it's release. JeeJa Yanin was all the rage. jeff gave me the "heads up" and within a day i was lent a copy from a student without subtitles. jeff bought it with subtitles and when i got home, i watched it again.
ong bak 2 seemed to be eagerly awaited, but no one knew when it would be released. i wonder how it compares to the original