Friday, January 30, 2009

T-shirt inspired by the hammer fight in Oldboy

My favorite film of 2003 was the Korean revenge drama Oldboy, one of the best scenes in the movie was the hammer fight in the hallway where the the lead actor, Choi Min-Sik fights a small army of gangsters in a small hallway armed with a only with a hammer. Originally the director had planned to use x-ray shots to show the hammer breaking bones. It was going to be a homage to Sonny Chiba's Street Fighter. But when he found out that Quentin Tarantino was working with Chiba in Kill Bill, he thought that Tarantino would use the same effect. So on the day of the shoot he improvised the fight into one take, one shot. There has been an America remake in the works for the past couple of years and the idea of an American film filled with product placement has inspired this t-shirt store to print up this shirt. You can buy it for $18 at
The link has a clip of the fight and so I did not include one here.
Instead here is the clip from the Indian remake, Zinda. They tried recreating the shot but you can see the main actor, Sunjay Dutt miss gangster with his hammer, and the gangsters reacting as if they were hit.

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bindifry said...

that's awesome!
zinda was not:(