Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Failan (South Korea, 2001)

Choi Min Sik is one of the world's best actors and if you disagree you should watch "Oldboy" and then "Failan". They are completely different and show an actor at his prime. In Failan, Choi is a low level gangster who is asked to take the fall for the murder that his boss has committed. The movie jumps between the present and the past when Choi agreed to have a fake marriage so that Cecilia Cheung could get a work permit in order to stay in South Korea. We follow Cheung's life as she works hard and is taken advantage of and the only joy she has is writing letters to her husband. Since it is a South Korean film you know that things probably won't end well for each character. Failan is one of the Korean films from 10 years ago that caught viewer's attention and has only been available on a region coded disc for many years. Finally it is available from Netflix with good subtitles. Here is an unsubtitled trailer.


Neil said...

Now I'm not really a big fan of Choi Min Sik but I have seen these two movies. They are cool.

Mark Ferguson said...

Thanks for the comment. I see that netflix has the City Hunter series streaming and plan on checking it out. Choi Min Sik can be over the top in a lot of his films, but I always enjoy his performances and will always check out what he does.