Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Flaming Brothers (Hong Kong, 1987)

Flaming Brothers is written by Wong Kar Wai and stars Chow Yun Fat. 1987 was a good year for Chow Yun Fat, he was a the top of the box office after the success of A Better Tomorrow. Chow was in 11 movies released in '87 including City On Fire, Prison On Fire and A Better Tomorrow II. But the real star of Flaming Brothers is Alan Tang and Chow has more of a supporting role. Wong Kar Wai's script is not that special, the plot is the standard Triad partners breaking up as one of them falls in love and tries to go straight only to be pulled back in ala Al Pacino's lines in Godfather 3. Still any big budget Hong Kong action film from 1987 is worth seeing. The final shoot out is good. The bad guy in the film is Patrick Tse, father of current Hong Kong star Nicolas Tse, and you might recognize him as the bad guy in Shaolin Soccer. Netflix has it streaming with good subtitles. Here's the trailer but it is unsubbed.

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