Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Secret Of The Urn (Japan, 1966)

Hideo Gosha is a great Japanese samurai movie director that more people should know, fortunately more of his films are finally being released in America. 1966's The Secret Of The Urn is about a disfigured ex samurai who gets caught up in a plot to steal an urn that holds the secret to saving the Yagyu clan. Lots of good swordfights, one on one and one against many. The plot resembles a Raymond Chandler novel. Gosha's camera work is impressive, some nice tracking shots. Animego's subtitling is as good as ever, they take the time to color the subtitles for different voices and they caption and translate street signs. A recommended samurai film for someone looking for something past the Kurasawa classics. On netflix streaming.

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