Friday, November 4, 2011

Tiger Cage 2 (Hong Kong, 1990)

Having nothing to do with Tiger Cage, other than a plot with drug dealers and corrupt police, Yuen Wo Ping's Tiger Cage is an action fest. Close to 80 minutes of it's 90 minute running time is filled with the best fights and chases that Hong Kong actors and stuntmen can offer. This is the type of film that Hong Kong used to crank out on a weekly basis, and when it works, such as in this film, it really works. Donnie Yen is Dragon Yau and he teams up with David Wu and Rosamund Kwan to fight Robin Shou (from the Mortal Kombat films). Note that I said fight and not defeat as a lot of films from this era could kill the hero and or the heroine. You never knew. A lot of the time in late 80's/ early 90's Hong Kong action films the heroes and heroines represent Hong Kong and they get caught up between the United Kingdom abandoning them and the fear of a mainland Chinese takeover. A fair amount of filmmakers, and actors were planning on moving to Hollywood or Canada over fear of what might of happened in the 1997 handover. But check this movie out if you want to see some action, much better than any hollywood film. The netflix streaming version has good subtitles.

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